Land of water and infinite greenery

Born from the sacred heights of the Himalayas, after crossing Tibet, China, Burma, Laos and Cambodia, the Mekong is divided into nine arms in Vietnam, called the Nine Dragons, before reaching the sea, resulting in a vast and fertile delta.

The province of Ben Tre where our home is located is in the heart of this delta, at the mouth of the two largest arms of the Mekong: Tien River and Ham Luong River. To many Vietnamese, the name of Ben Tre is associated with the sweetness of life, as coconut palms swaying and reflecting in water. They grow there in dense jungles, crossed by innumerable arroyos that swell and deflate to the rhythm of the tide, creating a lush, peaceful landscape, unique in its kind. We are there in a semi-aquatic world, between islands and peninsulas, in the heart of a deep countryside, interspersed with a network of small shaded paths where schoolgirls in their black and white ao dai uniform still ride their bicycles.